A freak of nature. This is what many of my friends call me. I’m a little bit weird but I think that’s okay. I never wanted to be the normal type of guy and I realized very early, that I don’t really fit into the ‚usual‘ society.

Throwing my television and my consoles out of my room when turning 13 and replacing it with my first guitar was probably the best decision I made so far. I then started with small shows in a few bars just singing to instrumentals to get my first stage experience. Later I joined several bands as lead singer and guitar player giving bigger shows and gaining more and more experience in playing, singing and entertaining.


As a self-taught musician I quickly got into different styles of music such as pop, rock, metal and rap. Dealing with some guitar effects and a loopstation I now give my best to excite the crowd from the beginning to the very last minute of every show. You could say that it’s some kind of semi-acoustic looping alternative experimental music. But let’s just break it down to experimental. Energyzing riffs and dirty solos on an acoustic guitar paired with some pad samples and a wide-range voice is what I can offer you.

I’m a traveler. I can hardly stay in one place for a longer time. Both, physically and mentally. Which is also the reason why I began to travel. I quit my job as a computer engineer to travel the world (or mostly europe at the moment) with a camper and playing music wherever I can. The only thing I’m depending on now is my music. And believe me, I never wanted more.


„Since I was a kid music has alway been the only thing I wanted to do and the only thing I always was kind of good at. I learned a lot of things in my short carrer but except music everything bored me after a certain time. Within my music I can write, compose and sing whatever I want. I can be myself and live out my true heart. I write about the things I think about a lot and the things that come along with life and death.“ – Jeremy Apart